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There is always something new and exciting happening in healthcare. That’s why we love this stuff (just like you do).  

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One of the trends we have been tracking and are excited about is the application of geographic information system (GIS) technology in healthcare. When combined, healthcare + location data can yield incredible visualizations and improve decision making.

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Top Stories
Apr 6 2023 3:20 PM EDT | Colin Hung
At the recent ViVE2023 event we had the opportunity to sit down with industry leaders to discuss a number of important technologies, challenges, and opportunities. Check out the following interviews with KeyBank, Clarify Health, Esri, and Xealth. Payment is Important – KeyBank Over the past few years, we have seen more and more banks at […]
Apr 6 2023 11:00 AM EDT | Andy Oram
Previous articles in this series looked at barriers to taking medication and possible solutions, including special conditions that produce challenges. This final article in the series turns the question on its head. Can patients get better without the medications? Dr. Omar Manejwala, CMO of DarioHealth, goes so far as to use the terms “paternalistic” and […]
Apr 6 2023 10:00 AM EDT | Guest Author
The following is a guest article by James Martin, Global Product Manager at Eaton Protecting healthcare organizations in the era of edge computing The COVID-19 pandemic caused an acceleration of distributed care due to the rapid increase in the need for acute and critical care in non-traditional clinical settings. For example, virtual care surged in 2020 and […]
Apr 6 2023 9:00 AM EDT | Healthcare IT News
$140 million in funding raised since November 2020 Wellvana Health announced today that it has closed an $84 million capital raise to drive innovation in value-based care enablement for independent primary care physicians, specialists, and health systems. The investment is co-led by Nashville-based Heritage Group and Valtruis, a Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS) company, and joined by Memorial […]
Featured Resources
The Healthcare Dive Outlook on 2023

The Healthcare Dive Outlook on 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be a key presence in 2023, even as the public health emergency designation -- which has propped up funding and key programs in the sector -- winds down in May, sparking a major transition in the industry.

Download the report to read about some of the trends we may see during the transition.

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Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group Implements RPA for Pennies

Tidewater and surrounding areas, has successfully implemented RPA. The ROI was almost immediate, and their staff are pleased with the technology. RPA has made their revenue cycle process much more efficient and effective. Read more

The Success of E-prescribing and Where We Need to Continue to Improve Medication Management

While e-prescribing is one of the biggest healthcare interoperability successes, there is still plenty of work to be done to improve how medication is managed in healthcare today. Read more

Know Your Data and How You’ll Use It

To the experts at Clearsense, the problems are not so much the shortage of data experts or lack of motivation, but rushing to use data without preparing it adequately or knowing what your business needs are. Read more

The Changing Dynamic Between Clinical Operations and IT

The Changing Dynamic Between Clinical Operations and IT

Diversity, Evolving Relationships, Understanding Healthcare & Getting More from Health Data at ViVE2023

Diversity, Evolving Relationships, Understanding Healthcare & Getting More from Health Data at ViVE2023

Generative AI Takes On Administrative Burdens

Generative AI Takes On Administrative Burdens

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Healthcare IT Today Interviews Podcast

Fully Automated Medical Scribes Using AI

Ambience Healthcare just came out of stealth mode with what they describe as fully automated AI medical scribes. Listen now

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Experience Management

We dig into where experience management is today, how we can improve experience management, as well as how other industries approach experience management. Listen now

Healthcare IT Today Interviews Podcast

AI Uncovers Other Patients Like You to Support Doctors

We dive into some of the unique applications of AI that can improve patient care across the spectrum. Listen now

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